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Salt Lamp FAQs

Posted at 01 November, 2019

Himalayan Rock Salt was formed over 250 million years ago after an ancient sea became landlocked and eventually evaporated leaving behind a huge salt deposit. Is considered to be the purest form of rock salt on Earth. Buried deep within the foothills of t...

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Multi award winning Gold Coast builder - Hennessy Building Projects

Posted at 14 June, 2018

If you are after a trialled and trusted Builder .. look no further than Hennessy Building Projects.......

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Solar, outdoor and portable light fittings you simply can't do without.

Posted in Lighting Advice at 09 March, 2018

How to reduce your electricity costs? Energy efficient and portable lighting? Light fittings you can't do without. Besides advantages of solar lighting, there are many other benefits in using solar lighting in our households, especially outdoors....

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What Interior look are you going for in 2018 Coastal or Hamptons?

Posted in Interior Design 2018 at 28 February, 2018

The Lighting superstore team goes through the process in which we carefully select the best of the latest trends and styles that are In demand and at the right price, so that you don't have to spend hours wasting your precious time. That's why we decided...

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Interior Surface Mounted Ceiling Lights

Posted in Interior Design 2018 at 21 February, 2018

Why should you consider Surface Mount ceiling lights? Are you looking for fresh Ideas and Inspiration to push your boundaries as an Interior designer or simply get creative? Introducing Interior range surface mount downlight in five different colour finis...

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New Lighting Designer Range 2018

Posted at 15 February, 2018

NEW UNIQUE DESIGNER LIGHTING RANGE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. Lighting Superstore is proud to Announce and Introduce our Brand New Designer range for Lighting Lovers, Enthusiasts and Interior Designers. Our High End Range comes from renowned American Lightin...

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Common Ceiling Fan Questions

Posted in Ceiling Fan at 12 September, 2017

Common Fan Questions as the days rapidly get hotter here on the Gold Coast Does size matter? In most cases yes, however there are a couple of exceptions to the rule, it's always best to look at the airflow measurements.......

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The Block 2016 - Guest Bedroom Week

Posted in The Block 2016 at 08 September, 2016

The Block 2016 - Guest Bedroom Week...

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Bathroom Lighting

Posted in Lighting Advice at 10 August, 2016

With pendants over baths becoming the latest lighting trend, we thought it was important to clarify a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding bathroom lighting.......

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Function vs Style

Posted in Lighting Advice at 13 April, 2016

From concrete to bare vintage filament bulbs, it's difficult to flick through a home magazine these days without a pendant light or standard lamp catching our eye. With so many different materials, shapes and sizes available it can be easy to get lost in...

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